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Acceptance and Tolerance in Literature

            "We as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves." This is the quote that Barbara Jordan used to open the collection of books that I have recently read. This quote pertains to three main texts entitled American Flag Stands for Tolerance, What of Goldfish Would You Wish, and The Lottery. Each of text focuses on the way that people are treated depending on many factors. The characters in each story are different which forces everyone treat them differently. .
             In American Flag Stands for Tolerance the characters are real life people facing a real life problem. Gregory Johnson burns a flag which strikes controversy throughout the city. He is treated like a hero to some people, as he expresses himself in which others are scared to do because of the law, and he is also treated like a criminal for burning an American idol as a form of disrespect. Newspaper editor Allen expresses his feelings through a news editorial claiming the Supreme Court was right for not penalizing Johnson for burning the flag. "The supreme court was not wrong. Indeed a decision contrary to the one reached would have been definitive step away from our national aspirations"(18). By using the Supreme Court Allen is trying to signify how burning the flag should go unpunished.
             From the second the boy had knocked on his door Sergei was already being unwelcoming. Sergei discriminates against the boy because of his past with people knocking on the door "Sergei didn't like strangers banging at his door. In Russian, when Sergei was young, it happened plenty. The KGB felt right at home knocking on his door.(5)".Even though Sergei told Yonatan not to enter his house he did anyway, which made him raise suspicion. Yonatan came to Sergei's door wanting to film a video about what people would do if they had a magic goldfish, but Sergei thought otherwise.

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