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Marketing Principles and Strategies

            A company that adopts a market orientation is a marketing company that focuses on the needs of its customers. His first concern is what are the needs and desires of the customer in order to satisfy in the best way possible. In this situation, the production meets the demand of marketing rather than the reverse. This marketing approach is called "marketing concept". Its prospects are radically different from those of production, product and sales. Such as travel companies, supermarkets. The orientation of the business is a marketing strategy for developing the competitive advantage of the company looking to add value to its product / service to satisfy the customer and make a profit. The manager, the successful entrepreneur in adopting a marketing orientation of its business, is able to reinvest its profit in its business and / or even invest in other companies that have a different orientation from his.
             Although the company decides to adopt formally and principally a particular orientation, and that, based on the analysis of its strengths is to say, the internal characteristics that have the potential to improve the competitive position of the company, weaknesses, that is to say, the internal characteristics that can demonstrate the vulnerability of the company against the competition, opportunities, that is to say, the environment offers significant conditions improving the situation of the company against the competition, and threats, that is to say the environmental conditions that are detrimental to the contrary development of the company. it must be able to live and think marketing throughout a whole. In the above examples, including the farm business, education, communication, insurance, banking, and travel, the customer must be placed at the centre.
             The adoption of referral strategy can take into account all these different formulas such as production, product, sales and marketing.

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