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Finding Love at Disneyland

            It was just another typical Friday night; school was the usual amount of boring and stress all thrown together. I was with my closest friends on our way to Disneyland, our usual Friday night adventure when there wasn't a very important football game to attend. We jammed out to our favorite music as Bri drove us all the way to Disneyland, the time flying by when suddenly we were parking and heading to the tram. All of us in the midst of excitement for the Disney filled night ahead of us, yet still a little bit bummed that Disneyland would be closing at seven for the Halloween Party, but we were prepared to make the most of it. .
             We all checked our phones to see the wait times for all of our favorite rides, and found that Indiana Jones was a mere 25 minutes, yet as we were waiting in line, they cut it short and told us that the ride was closed indefinitely, thus putting a bit of a damper on the beginning of our night. Yet as we waited to get on Splash Mountain we all discussed various topics consisting of mainly boys, or a boy related subject. We all laughed and enjoyed the time as we rode Splash Mountain followed by a lot of walking around to find anything to eat or a ride that was short enough to go on. After quickly eating our sour lollipops Reina bought us we approached the Matterhorn ride, which would prove to be a crazy filled ride we hadn't anticipated before. With the crazy twists and turns, it was clear we needed a break, and it was finally seven, meaning it was time for us to leave the park and decide what was next for our night.
             As we looked across to California Adventure, we were apprehensive as to whether or not it would be worth it, considering the majority of the crowd was now transferring from Disneyland to California Adventure. We decided to settle on dinner outside in La Brea Bakery and discuss what our decision would be. Up until the last moment we were ready to walk around Downtown Disney and end up going home, however Caroline's pouty face over not getting to ride California Screamin' was enough for me to convince the group we could at least go see how bad it was, quickly putting a smile on her face.

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