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Movie Analysis - 28 Days

            The movie "28 Days" is about a New York writer, Gwen Cummings, a party girl, who uses drugs and is an alcoholic. Gwen quickly goes through the four stages of alcoholism; Adaptive, Dependence, Progression and Conclusion which places her in trouble with the law. When faced with a decision by a judge to go to a rehabilitation center for 28 days, or jail, Gwen chooses rehab. The story line focuses on the stages of grief in recovery; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, that Gwen has to experience while in rehab at Serenity Glen.
             Very early in the movie, Gwen is portrayed as an alcoholic, whom after all night of partying, wakes up and goes to the refrigerator and opens a beer to take the edge off of her hangover. Gwen continues her day by showing up late to her sister's (Lily) wedding, she gets drunk and belligerent, destroys her sister wedding cake and decides she will borrow/steal Lily's limo to get another cake. Gwen is driving drunk, talking on the phone in her hurry to replace the cake, when she loses control of the limo and crashes into a house. This starts the realization that many alcoholics face, institutions, jail, or death for Gwen. When she is taken to court, she is given an option of either going to jail, or 28 days in a rehabilitation center. She chooses the rehabilitation center, where at first, she believes she will coast through the program and then continue her partying lifestyle. Gwen's boyfriend (Jasper) says he is going to support her through her times at rehab, however he doesn't take it serious, only caring about himself, and he even goes as far as smuggling drugs and alcohol into the rehab center on their visiting days. .
             Gwen is somehow able to sneak out of rehab and gets drunk. Upon return to rehab, she is confronted by the director of the facility, whom lets her know if she doesn't straighten up and take the program seriously she would be sentenced to jail.

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