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Mobile Games and Product Placement

            The recent rise of new forms of media and the modern changes in the world have driven individuals to invest less time watching TV, listening to the radio and reading magazines and books (Gardner et al. 2009); lately, youthful demographics have progressively moved their hobbies to alternative types of entertainment. Similar to online and PC games drawing the attention of youngsters, mobile phone games have likewise become well known among adolescents and grown-ups alike. Since the mobile gaming market is exponentially increasing, advertising offices have come to consider this sort of media as another channel for product placement, accordingly, sponsors have started to implant unique, creative and intelligent promotion in games. However, little consideration has been paid to the viability of brand placement in mobile phone games, in relation to advertising impacts in the context of mass communication. Hui-Fei Lin, in the article titled "Mobile Games Product Placement", gives insight into the impact of product placement in mobile games and if it would prove to be valuable. Therefore, the purpose at this point is to analyze whether game type, brand type and product placement in mobile phone games influence gamers' reviews instantly after gameplay and whether they alter their attitudes towards games, product placement and purchasing intentions. .
             In "Mobile Games Product Placement", Hui-Fei Lin informs that the objective of this examination was to comprehend the convincing effect of item arrangement on cellular telephone games. A test was conducted using 2 types of games: one that requires a high level of concentration versus another that doesn't require as much concentration. Additionally, space division was taken into consideration, whereas one game required central focus versus the other, which required peripheral focus. Also, two sorts of branding were used: highly recognizable brand versus another that isn't as recognizable among subjects.

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