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Expatriate Assignment - Indias Emerging Market

             India is one of the G-20 major economies and a member of the five major emerging national economies (BRICS). The economy of India is the seventh largest in the world. In 2015, the International Monetary Fund reports that in the last two decades, the average GDP growth rate over 5.8% and this fast-growing economic of India has attracted many foreign companies to settle subsidiaries in the country. Based on this background, this report gives a detailed analysis about sourcing of human resources of subsidiaries and international training about subsidiary companies. In the first part of this report, it gives the information about the size and features of Indian labour market, the governmental institutions and the laws which are settles to create a fairly protective legislative environment for both employers and employees. The religion and caste influence the Indian business culture so much and because of this reason, in the second part, this report explains the major cultural characteristics by describing the society culture and business culture of India. In the last part, this report analyses situations about sourcing of human resources by comparing expatriates and local executives. It also analyses international training of subsidiaries in India and suggests the companies provide relevant training programs.
             2. Overview of India's Labour Market.
             India is viewed as one of the most emerging countries; it has 502.2 million labour force, which ranked second in the world (The World Factbook 2015). Agriculture sector occupied 49%. On the other hand, industry and service sector stood at 20% and 31%. However, its employment condition still remains poor. Labour force to population ratio in India is 56%, which is lower than the average of the world at 64 per cent (Institute for Human Development 2014). India's unemployment rate stood at 8.6%, mainly due to country's economic slowdown (Euromonitor International 2015).

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