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Human Resource Management in India

            The following assessment is about current HR practices in India and how external and internal features have helped in shaping it. It is discussed in the Social, Economic, political context. The current recruitment and training planning of the country is also illustrated. The reliable statistical data are produced to make scenario explicit at various places; examples of others countries such as USA and japan are used, their comparison seldom occurs to provide better understanding of prevalent HR practices in India. In the end, attempts are made to figure out whether India can contribute something valuable to IHRM. Brief introduction is given below for IHRM.
             International Human Resource Management is gained its popularity in mid-1990. It retains its origin from HRM. (Beer et al.), there is no broad consensus in definition of IHRM. Let attempt to define IHRM. According to Torrington (1994: 6) IHRM is nothing but HRM on larger platform with its more complex strategic considerations and varied functioning units more varied, emphasizing greater coordination across more barriers' (www.hotelmule.com). Whereas a slight different approach is adopted by Boxall (1995: 6) who suggests that IHRM is branch dealing with Human resource problems and issue (such as Expatriate management) of MNC's subsidiary which are connected to numerous stages of Internationalization of the firm. .
             A succinct, yet holistic definition, is provided by Scullion's (1995: 352,) the human resource management issues and problems arising from the internationalization of business, and the human resource management strategies, policies and practices which firms pursue in response to the internationalization process. This definition suggests Though IHRM is branch of HRM; it is for more complicated and complex. It is often experienced that employees working in MNC's encounters with numerous issues and problem that are caused by cross-cultural difference that could further create frustration and anxiety, anger in employees that could infects the employee performance.

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