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Narrative Essay - The Epic

            As I walked carefully across the rigid bridge towards the gigantic cruise ship, The Epic, I allowed myself to let go of all the useless things that humans tend to worry about and take in all the beautiful foreign things around me. The hot Miami sun hugging my back made me feel comfortable and relaxed as I breathed in the moist air full of scents and tastes unknown and yet exciting. I could think of no other place I'd rather be at this moment. As I eagerly approached the vessel that I'd be spending my time on for the next ten days I could barely hear the vexatious sound of my little brothers close upon my heel. Understanding that this was a family vacation I allowed myself to except the fact that it would be much more relaxing without them. Despite their fighting, screaming and complaining that can often be overbearing, I was happy they were here to enjoy the experience with me.
             When all clothing and toiletries were unpacked from our suitcases in our small but comfortable rooms and my parents decided to free me from their tight unyielding grasp, I realized I was alleviated of all my tedious duties. It all came down upon me at once with welcoming weight, it's time to open my wings and navigate the overwhelming amount of things I could do on this Titanic of a ship. Immediately I began to ask my parents of the many possibilities but they ignored every question and told me to figure it out myself. I was upset as I left the room containing my annoying little brothers and frustrating parents but as quickly as I became upset curiosity and excitement swept it away while I cautiously slid across the beautiful red carpet towards the ominous elevator. When I stepped across the elevator threshold my legs became jelly and my face turned strawberry red, the girl who stood before me was so beautiful. Carefully I took up the space opposite her in the elevator and decided to ask which floor she was headed but by the time I noticed nothing had sounded from my mouth she looked at me with her dark blue eyes and broke the silence with a question, a question that I did not have the answer to, a question that I was to awestruck to even consider.

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