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Animal Rights and Research

            "What is man without the beast? If the beast was gone, man would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beast soon happens to the man" (Chief Seattle) Many things have been done to protect animals, but there are more significant things to be done to make sure they do not become extinct and give them their rights. Animals are just like humans in many ways. They have nerves so when they are being tested on they can feel the pain that is being inflicted on them. Many people consider their pet as their child, so what child would want that kind of pain inflicted on them? Finally, in different parts of the world, people still hunt animals. It is no longer a way to get food like it used to be. Now it is just for pure sport or fun. Should animals have to be hunted down and torn apart while still alive? .
             Dogs, cattle, sheep, monkeys and other small animals are mainly the ones being experimented on. They are tested on numerous times throughout each year. Acute toxicity, skin irritation, psychology research are a few tests that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA listed. Acute toxicity is a test where animals are force fed chemicals to find out the lethal dosage. Skin irritation tests are when chemicals are placed on the bare skin of animals, which the animal is restrained. Pointless test like the effects of shocking and drug abuse are known as psychology research test. Animals endure a lot of pain and suffering because they are being tested on. Humans are still not completely safe from harmful drugs because the animals' reaction would not be the same as humans. Strychnine is a very deadly drug to humans, but People for Reason in Science and Medicine, or PRISM says it has no affect on chickens, monkeys, or guinea pigs. Also, the environments the animals are tested in are different than the ways humans would actually go through it. An artificially formed disease will not react the same as a naturally formed disease.

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