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Cold War and Decolonization

             Cold War refers to the condition of political hostility and military tensions between power blocks, involving threats, economic sanctions, subversion, and propaganda and other measures short of open warfare, for example, the one that existed between the Soviet power blocs and the United States after World War II. Decolonization refers to the withdrawal from the colonies of colonial super power. I started with looking at various issues that might have taken place between 1914 and 1955. The period I took is important because it explains various activities that took place in the early 20th century. The activities include; first explanation of particular policies that United States used in dealing with Europe after World War I (McMahon, 1981).
             Explanation of how Japanese, German, and Italian aggression acts took the world to World War II. The period has also helped people in understanding the World War II chronology. It has discussed several factors that led to America involvement in World War II. It has also captured the consequences that the whole world had to endure because of WWII.
             Lastly, it prudently examined the United States of America policies that resulted in creation and maintenance of the Japanese Relocation Camps and horrific repercussions. These are the reasons why I took Cold War and decolonization period as my topic of study (McMahon, 1981).
             Under U.S. foreign policies with Europe between WWI-WWII. By that time, United States emerged as the richest nation in the whole world. This status dove the foreign goals of the country to the 1920s. During this period, there was an expansion of American markets in addition, investing capital in Europe. There were sales of American facilities to the foreign markets e.g. sale of oil, autos, and farm machinery among others. Secondly, the European countries took the loan from the United States Federal Reserve Bank. It resulted in the Government collecting $10 billion from the country's, which took them.

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