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Becoming a Globalized Business Person

            In our modern world everybody talks about globalization. Currently about twenty five percent of world's production is sold outside of its country of origin. That is the reason why international business is considered to be one of the careers that sustain the economy. Because without it, globalization could never reach the peek of the mountain it has reached today. We know that no country is self-sufficient with their resources. Through international businesses an exchange of goods and services allow countries to acquire from foreign neighbors the products that they cannot produce themselves. International business is necessary and essential for the prosperity of the world's economy, and especially of Ecuador's. Many people wonder why to study a career in international business. Some say that there is too much competition in the field; the effort will never be enough. I believe the opposite. International business does not only proportionate profit to a single being, but also to a whole community. That profit is not based on cash only, but on cross-cultural interaction, tolerance and more. Globalization is the result of many people with different cultures working together for a similar objective. And that is what international business entails: Business at a global scale. With technology breaking our Ecuadorian boundaries is time for business managers to go a step further outside of a country's frontier. Therefore, I strongly believe international business is the career of the future that needs more dedicated and passionate professionals. .
             I have organized my paper into four main sections. In the first section, reasons that motivate a student to follow international business, is detailed the perks of the major and all the steps a student aspiring for the profession should follow. Getting started, studying and working abroad along with the features the career has to offer. The second section exposes the main drawbacks of the career.

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