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Death Penalty

            The death penalty is a big issue in our society today. Many people are confused if the death penalty is right or wrong. We"ll I am pro for the death penalty. I feel that the death penalty should be carried out. I have many reasons why the death penalty should be carried out. My reasons will back up why I feel that the death penalty should be enforced. I feel after listening to my reasons you will probably feel the same way that I do about the death penalty. .
             First of all if we give the criminal the death penalty, so he would not be able go out and commit the same crime and so this would guarantee no repeat of the crime that was commited by the same criminal. Second it would save jail space and money. By enforcing the death penalty our jails would be less crowded and we would save money by not feeding and all other stuff given to the criminal while being in jail. We always here that many criminals are being let go out of jail due to the over crowded jail space, and so by getting rid of the criminal by the death penalty we would be able to create more space in the jails and so we won"t be letting criminals out as early. I feel that our tax dollars is being wasted on animal criminals that enjoy their day in jail, while we are working our butts off at work or school, criminals are probably enjoying a nice game of basketball or having fun weight lifting. Criminals are supposed to be punished for a crime that they committed not be treated as if they are kings. The third reason is that it would be an eye for an eye. I feel that if a person kills another than the same should happen to them. Hey also, it would be a sweet revenge for the victims family. The people that are against the death penalty have never stepped in the shoes of a victims family, if they did they would feel different about the death penalty. And last of all, the death penalty would help keep criminal activity under control. The death penalty helps control criminal activity because it scares criminals.

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