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The Other Day

            The other day I was having a discussion with my friend about a particular vehicle and its fine engineering, a discussion that unconsciously was meant to do nothing but share thoughts and build on a friendship. Then, somehow we began to trail off on the beautiful adventure of discussing another person's life. What first began as a discussion about cars quickly changed into a timeless conversation of the people who drove the cars, digging deeper into their lives with each passing moment. Our lives were absolutely perfect and what better way was there to spend our never ending afternoon than to take up on some friendly conversation about another? We went on for hours and hours helping other people by pointing out their flaws and speaking on what could really help them be a better human being. As a pair my friend and I were able to come together and dissect then figure out their problems without even having to take a step in their shoes. We were amazing! However, this other day was many years ago when I was younger and still inexperienced, but since then I'd like to think that I can safely breakdown and evaluate others. .
             Don't you just hate it when you're walking down the street and you see a couple holding hands? Well, I having spoken on this topic with reputable sources (not to be disclosed) once or twice and have come to the best conclusion possible. The couples don't really like each other! Let me explain if you look at the positioning of the subject's hands closely, nine out of ten times not all fingers are locked. In theory each locked finger represents how strong the relationship really is, with more fingers locked meaning greater quality; similar to that of a hotel and the use of stars. Those who become involved in relationships which include hand holding in public tend to be unhappy with their significant other, and as a symbol of this they lock less fingers. So, if the next time you walk down the street and feel lesser than the couple walking past you, look at their hands and more than likely only one of their fingers will be locked.

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