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The Other Side of Heaven

            This is the first time I heard the story titled The Other Side of Heaven. Treasures are the followers of God that are stored in heaven by investing in getting other people get there. How do we really get people attached to these things? A little faith will bring our soul to heaven but a lot of faith will bring heaven to our soul. With the word of the Lord, day by day we are getting closer to heaven. Not literally. But this story made me feel something different. What does the story really wants to tell the viewers? The other side of heaven? Sometimes God calms down the storm but sometimes he lets the storm rage. In every good things we do, there will always be a bad thing. Is this the tragic of the story? Or that is the main purpose of the story? In every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction.
             The Other Side of Heaven came from a real life story on the year 2001. The film is all about the main character which is John H. Groberg's experience as a missionary. John's religion is Mormon. The movie was written during the year 1950's. The story was an inspired story based on his true to life experiences. The Other Side of Heaven focused on John Groberg's bunch of experiences such as tragic, culture shock, hard work, and of course success. In our city, I already saw different people traveling different places because they are assigned to. I already tried being interviewed by a missionary when I was younger, but I cannot remember what was the exact questions they asked me and the exact responses I answered. I am not familiar with the rules and regulations of their religion because I am not one of them but I know that even though we are divided into several religious, we still praise and believes in one God. .
             I may not be one of those missionaries that goes around different locations to share something about our Father God, but I can say that being a missionary is indeed a pleasure.

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