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Three National Civil Rights Heroes

             Cesar Chavez, Fred Korematsu, and Jackie Robinson were all national civil rights hero. They all helped their own race in America to get the equal right. Cesar Chavez helped Mexican American migrant farm workers get the fair wages from their employer, Fred Korematsu accuse the government for the right of Japanese Americans and Jackie Robinson helped African American right in the sport field.
             Cesar Chavez (1927.3.31 – 1993.4.23) was born in Mexican, his family used have a farm and a store, but they lose it during the Great Depression. They have to move to the California and become farmer. Cesar Chavez quit the school in 1942 and after two years, he became a United States navy soldier. Then he work for CSO after he come back from Navy. After ten years, he found the NFWA to help migrant farm workers get the fair wages from their employer. After Philippines worker start strike in 1965.9.8 for the fair wages, Cesar Chavez lead Mexican American farm workers start the strike and fight with farm owner. He stand by non-violence strike so as to he fasting 25 days to promote non-violence strike during five years strike and after five years strike, they finally win and get the equal right and fair wages. During the strike, Cesar Chavez used media power very well to against farm owner, they create their own newspaper, spread it to all the farmer to gain the Mexican American farmer's support and they demonstration to attract the attention from society, without media Cesar Chavez can't attract the attention from society and gather all the Mexican American farm workers.
             Fred Korematsu (1919.1.30 – 2005.5.30) was a Japanese American born in California. He was a student in Castlemont High School until the attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II. American government decided to lock up all the Japanese American to internment camp to prevent spy. All the Japanese American stay in internment camp for three years.

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