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Poverty and Homelessness

            On Urban Immersion I witnessed hunger and homelessness in several situations. In Love Park I noticed a lot of homeless people and they seemed to be the same people we served food too. They were mostly the same homeless people I saw while serving in the homeless shelter. I worked in Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission and that was a real eye opener. The man who ran the place told us how the shelter was the biggest shelter in Philadelphia and third biggest in America. The shelter serves three meals a day all year. There was a learning center and they had plenty of computers for the men to use. The man who ran the place told us about a program they had called the overcomer program. The program serves food for the men and gives them a place to stay but it much more complex. It was a sixteen-month program for men who wanted to change their life and face their problems. The program was extraordinary and it was great to see homeless people want to change their lives around. Another great time on Urban Immersion was when we handed out socks to the homeless. The look on their faces was magical. It made me happy to see how joyful he or she could be although they had no job or place to stay. Talking to the homeless was even more fascinating. They would tell stories regarding anything from what their favorite movies were to how they became homeless. I remember one man told us how his favorite sport was hockey but he did not know how to skate. Some of the homeless were pretty funny and others were on the more serious side. One man had a portable chess table and challenged a kid in my group. The homeless man won fairly easily. Overall the experiences were a huge eye opener. It was amazing how all of the homeless seemed so happy. Most of them had smiles on their faces and they loved talking and telling people their stories. It really made you think about how grateful you were to have so many different things.

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