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            There are two things that are responsible for the increase in homelessness over the past 20-25 years. There is a lack of affordable rental housing and an increase in poverty. Persons living in poverty are most likely to become homeless and people who fit in the statistical groups are most likely to experience this poverty and therefore are more likely to become homeless. There are many statistical studies of the human population over this of who are homeless and why they are homeless.
             Age is one of the studies done. In 2001, the U.S. Conference of Mayor's survey of homelessness in 27 cities found that children under the age of 18 accounted for 25.3% of the urban homeless population. 39% are children experiencing homelessness, and 51% of the homeless are between the ages of 31 and 50. Other studies have found 2.5% to 19.4% homeless people are between the ages of 55 to 60.
             Most studies have shown that homeless adults are more likely to be male than female.
             The survey of the 27 cities, they found that the homeless population was 50% African American, 35% Caucasian, 12% Hispanic, 2% Native American, 1% Asian. .
             Battered women who live in poverty are often forced to choose between abusive relationships and being homeless.
             Research shows that 40% of homeless men have served in the armed forces, as compared to 34% of the general adult male population.
             About 22% of the single adult homeless population suffers from some form of mental illness. .
             There are many people homeless because of addiction disorders. Drug addictions and alcohol addictions are a major factor in why people are homeless. .
             Inadequate income also leaves many people homeless.

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