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The Homeless World Cup

             What are the key factors that explain the growth to date of the Homeless World Cup? What are the likely growth accelerators going forward?.
             The Homeless World Cup is an annual, international football tournament, uniting homeless and people who are excluded from the society. This tournament gives them a chance to prove themselves, feel good about themselves and change their lives forever. It gained supports within football projects in over 60 countries and working with more than 30,000 homeless people. The first Homeless World Cup held in the summer 2003 in the city Graz, Austria, and it was a great success. There were several main points that let Mel Young and Harald Schmied to achieve a great success by creation Homeless World Cup events. .
             First, in my opinion, it is a great idea to use football as an international language and to unite homeless people around the world under the same roof. Since the football specifically is one most common and popular type of sport all around the world it was reasonable to use it as an international language and use the love of football. A factor for the growth accelerator for future successes is word of mouth. During the first time in 2003 in Graz, the interest and attention were huge to the event it was something new for all of us and people were wondering the results of the event, and even the non-participating countries broadcasted the Homeless World Cup. It really drew attention of worldwide media and this is why word of mouth will be the most important accelerator for Homeless World Cup. .
             Another important future accelerator can be the general concept of the event. This event is one time experience which means there is only one tournament per year which people more exciting and curious for event. Another important accelerator of the Homeless World Cup's success is their partnership with Nike. It is a great deal for Young and Schmied to become partners with such a popular, global and well-known brand like Nike.

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