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My American Dream

            Sometimes we take advantage of our privileges. The average American teenager is stereotyped to not have a broad view of the world's problems. There are charities and foundation groups that have now begun in the United States to help numerous victims such as orphans, handicapped, or homeless people. My responsibility, and the responsibility of all lucky Americans, is to try to give back to this country as much as it has given us. I hope one day I will be able to help the underprivileged.
             There are people among us who are born into a rich family, inheriting good things, and receiving abundant love from their family, but there are also people who are born without these advantages. I am the only child in my family. My parents love me, and they give me anything I want. I have my own room with adequate comforts. God grants me intelligence, health, talents, and vision. I do not want to say that I am a lucky person at all because no one is totally lucky in their life. I just want to mention those are the things that all kids wish to have. They wish to have a cosy family belonging to them, a warm cup of soup that their mom cooked, and great health. Since I began to grow up, I have always had a dream of helping people who cannot support themselves. .
             Last year I went to an orphan camp in California. In front of me were things that I had never thought could happen in the world. Everything was totally opposite to what is in my life. I witnessed a thousand orphans ranging from two months to twelve years old. In cruel situations, merciless parents would abandon their newborns. Tragically I saw the crippled and the disabled kids. Why does the Creator treat them unjustly? Why does He not grant them blissful life? Why does He deprive them of things that they deserve to have? And why does He inflict diseases on them? At that time, my mind only had the question "why". Being stupefied, I felt they quite deserved compassion.

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