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Risks of Climate Change and Global Warming

            For a long time, people have be trying to figure out methods to control greenhouse gas, in which both carbon tax and cap-and-trade are frequently mentioned and discussed. Carbon tax and cap-and-trade can be reflected that climate change especially global warming is not a groundless worry to a large extent. However, some people still treat it as normal phenomena and ignore the negative influences. Therefore, in this research, it aims to present comprehensively the risks of climate change and global warming in order to encourage people to change their high-carbon consuming behaviors and embrace the low-carbon consuming concept. Based on massive literature and personal research, the risks mainly can be into categorized into four aspects, including natural risks, ecological risks, social risks and economic risks.
             Based on many scientist researchers, some obvious natural risks can be directly found. Among these risks, the rise of sea level has been mentioned frequently, which is a big threat to coastal countries. Similar phenomena like the decrease of Arctic sea ice and rise of snow line. Moreover, some direct risks relevant to people closely like the increase of extreme climates including intense rainfall and heat waves. Generally the intense rainfall leads to flood risk, which has huge impact on many countries. For instance, China has suffered more urban water-log disasters than ever which are closely linked with global warming, though the vulnerable drainage system in China is often scolded by people. USA fought with a 500 years flood in 2008, due to the intense rainfall which is about 2-3 times larger than average. In addition, flood frequency also increased in UK. Meanwhile, the frequency of heat waves increase globally. In recent years, it is common to hear news that people die in heat waves. According to New Indian Express in 2013, heat wave claimed 190 lives in Andhra Pradesh one day (Brutal Heat Wave, 2013).

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