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Chinese Culture and Art Exhibit

            The purpose of exhibition is for cultural and art purpose. The exhibits are indoors with a quantity of 74 and over more than 70 pieces. The exhibition image theme color is olive green, with a typography done by computer. The extend of the venue is 1 ground, 1 floor with at least 4 halls and 5 rooms. The room temperature was 21Celsius and the humidity was 50%. The light intensity used were in between dim and bright giving it a 6 which is 4 numbers of being bright out of 10. The color temperature was yellow light a little pass 2700K out of 10 that'd be 2. The language used for the description portrayed in the art pieces are both English and Chinese, so none Chinese readers or speakers could also understand what the brief description of the art pieces. .
             Each art piece that were on exhibition had a uniqueness in them but at the same time they all also had one thing in common which was the them about bats. In all the art pieces you could see bats in them, they could be hidden by the artist who created it or could be obvious to the eye to see. Each and every display had their own history and meaning to it. The main focus of the exhibition were bats. In china bats sounds phonetically similar to blessing. They're popular around the Ming and Qing dynasty and you could find them in a lot of their art pieces too. During the exhibition you could see and appreciate beautiful works of art that were well crafted and decorated with meanings behind them. You could also see royal artifacts from the royal family like the Qing Emperor Yongzheng years. There was also dish of pastel from thirty years. It's somehow rare to see locals' favorites art pieces of those dynasty all in one museum. Other interesting artifacts were Qianlong porcelain jar, Guangxu Flat blue silk dress embroidered gown Kyrzstan.
             In Chinese culture, bats sound a lot like blessing. If you put 5 bats together that represents 5 blessing, which is longevity, health, wealth, natural death and virtuous life.

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