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Traveling in China

            "To know the world and its inhabitants is the anxious wish of all who are in the least degree curious and inquisitive." John Adams exactly describes people's desire to know the world. But one will never know a complete world if he doesn't travel to China. Traveling in China is the most fantastic enjoyment in the world. It's marvelous and fantastic because China is famed all over the world for its magnificent sceneries, fascinating food culture and various kinds of arts.
             First, tourists will feast their eyes on the unparalleled sceneries when they travel in China. The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors and Horses are the marvelous sceneries of China. The former is famed for its magnificence and splendidness, while the latter is famed for its vivid and detailed cravings. When a tourist travels in China, he can breathe the clean air on the top of the 10,000 li Great Wall in one city and have a close observation of the vivid Terracotta Warriors and Horses in another city. Tourists can appreciate two world wonders in one country. China has countless breathtaking sceneries and traveling in China is like appreciating a visual feast.
             Secondly, tourists will get to know a unique food culture when they travel in China. On one hand, Chinese food has a special way of cooking. Stir-fry is the typical way and many foreigners take the wok as the symbol of Chinese cooking. With the lovely sizzling noise, a heavenly Chinese meal will be done in the magical cooking utensil. On the other hand, Chinese food possesses artistic characters. A Chinese dish is not only for eating, but also for appreciating. The balanced use of color and delicate use of ornaments attach artistic characters to the food. If a traveler is pooped out during his travel in China, Chinese food will certainly refresh him.
             Thirdly, tourists will appreciate various kinds of Chinese arts when they travel in China. Peking Opera is no doubt the most marvelous art in China.

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