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International Negotiation sin China

            Recently international business become common, many people go to other country do business, therefore we have to know different culture for example people go to China buy something if they think the price is not reasonable they can negotiate with the boss moreover western business due to culture different Chinese and western negotiators often harbor mutually unfavorable perceptions Furthermore China economic growth and globalization most company in the world would like to do business with China, as a result every companies training manager learn Chinese language and Chinese way of doing business consequently this essay will deeply describe negotiating in China with western businesses. .
             The first thing of western people doing business in China not easy is because China has been undergoing rapid political, economic, and social change since the result that today Chinese businesses employ with foreigners hard, win-lose bargaining tactics motivated by nationalistic emotions. Unique Chinese cultural elements such as complicated local etiquette, obscured decision-making processes, and heavy reliance on interpersonal relationships instead of legal instruments all add to the complexities of Sino-foreign business negotiations, and can make the process tiresome and protracted. Besides talking past each other, Chinese and western negotiators often harbor mutually unfavorable perceptions. Many westerners find Chinese negotiators to be inefficient, indirect, and even dishonest; Chinese negotiators frequently perceive their western counterparts to be aggressive, impersonal, and insincere. The way to decipher the Chinese negotiating style and bring about mutually beneficial results is to better understand the key elements of Chinese culture to which Chinese negotiators attune their business mentality and manners (James K, 2008). Chinese people usually acknowledge two types of relationships, warm friendship, and impersonal, "arms-length" relationships.

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