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Case Study: "The New Market Opportunity"

            1) In your judgment, is it wrong, from ethical point of view, for the auto companies to submit plans for an automobile to China? Explain your answer.
             In environmental point of view, where my ethic point of view strongly relies on, on international auto companies to submit plans for an small automobile enough to carry three people, rugged enough to commute across poor maintained roads across nation generating a minimum pollution automobile costing less than $5,000 dollars is not such a good idea. The world's market for energy particularly oil, was based in part on the fact that China, with its large population, was using relatively low levels of energy. China would be consuming twice the amount of oil the United States currently uses if China ever reaches even the modest per person consumptions level of South Korea. Electric cars were thought of, but as engineers point out, building such an electrical power system would require a huge investment that the Chinese government did not seem particularly interested in making. I don't find any utilitarianism in this plan of developing automobile to meet China's needs from all different automakers.
             2) Of the various approaches to environmental ethics outlined in this chapter, which approach sheds most light on the ethical issues raised by this case? Explain your answer.
             I felt the strongest environmental impact on this perspective would be international trading market; particularly the economic welfares would be immensely affected by this.
             If China were to increase its oil consumption, it would have to import all its oil from the same countries that other nations rely on which will create large political, economic, and military imbalance. Rising demand for Middle East oil would push oil price up sharply which would send major shock through United State economics which we rely on Middle East's oil that serve half of our nation's oil resources.

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