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A Look at World Religions

            Religion is intertwined within our culture, politics, economics, and social relationships in every single way. Weather you attend church weekly, or are not religious at all, you simply cannot escape religion. It is inevitably around us always. Religion ultimately controls a lot around us, no matter what we want to believe. There are things in schools we cant do because it may offend people and there are things in public we cannot do because of it, no matter what you are being controlled by someone's religion. .
             Culturally, all religions have different effects on people, based on how much you practice your religion or how much you don't. Culture and religion shares a relationship that can have a huge influence attitude, hair, clothing, traditions and child rearing, why we pray, how we should be praying, when we should pray, how much should we pray, and what we should be wearing when we are praying. One of the biggest examples of this specific example has to do with the Islāmic faith. The custom of the Islāmic faith for woman is to be covering her body in a hijab. This is the most modest clothing, in which the hijab covers the neck, ears and even hair. This has become associated with the religion, when in fact; the custom comes from the Shari law, and not from the Qur'an (Stacey). .
             The religious habit worn by many Catholic nuns is also attire, in which does not reveal the nun's body and covers her hair, neck and ears. There are so many different examples that can be given right here about dressing in order to please your God.
             An illustration of how religion can affect the economy negatively can be demonstrated in how the Religious Right put pressure to teach abstinence-only sex education (Religious Liberty and Public Schools). A direct result of abstinence-only sex education has been an increase in teenage pregnancy. No one can argue teenage pregnancy affects not only the young mother negatively but the economy negatively as well.

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