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Analysis of the Kid - Charlie Chaplin

             How The Kid Made Film What It Is Today.
             This analysis is going to discuss how The Kid (1921), directed by Charlie Chaplin, to American culture as well how the acting, editing, and production design played a role into making this possible. The main focus of this essay is on how the actors were portrayed in the film. The acting was extremely important in this film, considering it has no dialog, but because you have to watch how the actors portray themselves to get what the film is about. This film was not Charles Chaplin's first, but it helped shape the way acting and production are displayed on the big screen even today. .
             The Kid was produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin and was released to the public in 1921. It tells the story of a baby that was abandoned by his mother and was left on the streets in a poor neighborhood. The Tramp, played by Charlie Chaplin, finds the child on the street and decides to care for the child. The movie breaks to five years later and goes about telling how these two individuals survive day to day and how they have to do things that are not legal in order to make money. Later in the film the child gets sick and the orphanage comes in to take the boy away. The Tramp rescues him, but the child is then taken away from him again. The Tramp is devastated and is roaming the streets looking for the little boy. At the end of the movie, it is bittersweet when the mother finds out that the child is hers and has the police find the Tramp and bring him to her home.1.
             In the film The Kid, there are three main characters Charlie Chaplin who plays the Tramp, Edna Purviance who plays the woman and Jackie Coogan who plays the child. Considering this is a silent film, the acting played a huge role on the overall outcome of it. In this motion picture the women, Edna Purviance, had to give you the idea that she was at a complete loss because she did not know how to care for a child.

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