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Documentary Film - $ellebrity

             In this essay, I will critically analyze the most effective and logical argument discussed in the documentary $ellebrity. I will try to see all the strengths and weaknesses of this argument by also providing some proofs from the documentary and some examples. I'm trying to stay as much objective as I could because I'm just critically analyzing the argument that seems for me as the strongest one presented in the documentary. In analyzing I'm generally using ethos, pathos, and logos found in the documentary, and I'm also using the rhetorical triangle to see if it supports the argument that I'm analyzing or not. So basically this paper is answering at whether the documentary is presenting a good argument if yes then how is it good? .
             Key Words: $ellebrity, Critical Analysis, Documentary.
             $ellebrity's Critical Analysis.
             In class we watched a movie about celebrities and paparazzi, but before I start analyzing I have to start first by defining the meaning of these two terms. According to Dictionary.com a paparazzi is a freelance photographer who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication, and a celebrity is a well known person. Basically, what I understand from the definition of these two words is the fact that one cannot exist without another, and both cannot exist without the consumer. The most important and effective argument in the movie is celebrities are always exposed to the public. They are people too, so they deserve dignity and they shouldn't be objectified from the paparazzo. According to ethos, pathos, logos, and the rhetorical triangle I will try to support this argument because even if one is interested about the celebrities' lives he/she should give them privacy and help them to have at least a normal life outside of their work. .
             Before I start analyzing I should first give a brief summary about the movie. Actually it's not a movie, but it's a documentary which talks about the reasons why celebrities don't have a normal life, and how the paparazzi are responsible for that.

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