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Film Documentary - Food, Inc.

            The majority of people who live in the United States don't know where the food they eat comes from. The food Americans consume today is much different than the food they used to consume one-hundred years ago. The nutrition and quality of food in America has drastically changed. The amount of processed and factory made foods have increased. Foods such as meats, eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables are all enhanced and mass produced. In the documentary Food Inc. the narrator, Eric Schlosser, discusses major industries and the food production. The film states a convincing argument about the risks of industrial production food by uncovering the shocking truth behind some industries. Food Inc. successfully provokes their audience using accounts from people who work for famous industries, diseases that have affected loved ones, and reveals unknown facts about the food in America in order to change the way food is made in the United States. .
             The documentary interviews many different people that have worked for powerful food industries, people that run slaughterhouses, or farm workers. These interviews are key to persuade the audience that there is evidence and credibility for the documentary's argument. Towards the beginning of the documentary Maryland chicken farmer, Carole morrison, decided to show what overpacking and antibiotics can do to the chickens. The chicken that are raised for companies such as Tyson are all given steroids to grow chicken in 49 days rather than three months. The chicken unfortunately can not keep up with the rate of growth. The film presents chicken taking a few steps before collapsing or they are shown dead. The film interviews a Tyson contractor, Vince Edwards, find no problems with the production of chicken. He is brainwashed by the companies he works for that it does not matter the quality of the chicken they feed to Americans, it is more about the money they collect from it.

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