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The Truth About Processed Foods

            Food is the most important element for the survival of human beings. As the population grows, the demand for food increases very quickly that food industry produces a bigger amount of it every day. Unfortunately, food companies do not worry about its process and its quality because its only goal is meet this demand. The film Food Inc. unmasks the process of food hidden behind these North American companies. Thus, the study of food allows us to have better knowledge of the implications of process food. .
             The appalling and deplorable living conditions that animals have in farms and stables of North America are one fact of the implications of process food. These dark conditions from factory farms affect the health of animals and its natural growth. As the film shows, chicken, pigs and cows live in reduced spaces surrounded by its excrement. The stables where they stay have no windows; thus, they do not even see the light of the day during their whole life. These creatures are stalled altogether without the option to move anywhere. Consequently, most of them get sick and die while others barely survive, but all of them end up by getting the virus. As evidence, the farmer Caroline Morison interviewed in the film, states: "in most of the farms, there are excrements everywhere. This is not a farm anymore. This is a mass production as assembly lines in a factory controlled by the big food companies. Animals are not longer growth naturally. Most of them died because of the poor living condition." (min 13). Therefore, farmers abuse with the usage of antibiotics in animals to try to control the illness. In most factory farms, these antibiotics also act as drugs that fed animals to promote their growth. The way of how animals grow has been manipulating by a punch of power meat companies that control our food market. For example, now chickens grow in forty-nine days instead of three months that were the regular time of building.

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