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Telling the truth is not on the media's agenda

            "Telling the truth is not on the media's agenda.
             Both the pieces "Add sex and stir" from Frontline, and "Yugoslavia and Afghanistan - How to Understand Media Spin", by John Keller show that telling the truth is definitely not on the media agenda as they reveal that truth is not important to the media, and show how easily and quickly the media is willing to manipulate the truth for its own benefit. The pieces also reveal that truth is based on vision, meaning the media manipulate the truth by using selective images so that the stories suite their own needs. Also both pieces reveal that truth is manipulated in the media by higher powers to change the publics" perspective of an issue for their own gain. Finally the pieces reveal that the media does not care about truth or about who they hurt in the process of manipulating the truth. .
             Both pieces show that the media relies greatly on vision, meaning the media use vision to shape the publics perception and opinion of a story. In "Yugoslavia and Afghanistan", Keller demonstrates this by comparing the amount of media coverage given to the Kosovo refugees to the amount given to the Afghanistan refugees. "When it suited their purpose in Kosovo, they made sure to pack the airwaves with images of the displaced and hungry. "See. We're fighting to help save these people from oppression." When the story is obviously one of suffering CAUSED by our military, the story gets reported in print, if at all, and camera coverage is downplayed or outright spiked." writes Keller. This shows how truth is manipulated by the media through vision and why; the media use selective images, that is images of Kosovo refugees suffering and of how America has come to rescue and aid these refugees, making America look like the "good guys". The media also neglect footage in order to shape the public's opinion and therefore manipulate the truth as when it came to the Afghan refugees, there was not much footage shown of them at all, and Keller states that there was more Afghan refuges than there were Kosovo ones.

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