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The Real Axis of Evil

             Not long ago, as Americans, we were informed of the imminent threat Iraq posed to the U. The case was so severe in fact it prompted our President to abandon our traditional principles of sovereignty and self defense; thereby establishing a dangerous political precedent (Pre-emption: Destroying the threat before it reaches our border.) The basis for this departure came under the guise of Operation Iraqi Freedom, weapons of mass destruction, and alleged al-Qaeda connections. All of which were repeated on an hourly basis prior to the invasion. Since May 1, with a slight of hand trick, the administration has shifted the attention away from the former reasons onto several others, hoping the American people won't notice. Such things as: the need for a multi-national coalition - a coalition at which the president scoffed citing "we don't need the approval of the U.N. or congress we will go it alone with a coalition of the willing."" It is infuriating we have been duped, what's more depressing is that the American public, for the most part, has taken the bait. The fact that this administration has successfully deflected America's anger from bin Laden to Saddam is mind boggling, and should go down as one of the most impressive political maneuvers in history. What's more, new polling information has shown 1 out of 2 Americans believes Saddam had a part in the World Trade Center attack. There are countless instances that don't add up associated with this war; it would be impossible to list them all. For time sake, I would like to briefly touch upon the process we have taken to get where we are. I would like to address those cases in point I feel to be most pertinent, and I apologize if they seem trite or oversimplified. There is the myth that through free democratic election we can demand change. Also, there have been many on the right that accuse our media as being too liberal, which is a myth as well.

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