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Marijuana: The Real Axis of Evil

             People under estimate the dangers of this futile drug. In fact, people protest for the legislation of marijuana. Are these people mad? Of course they are if the use marijuana, its been proven it leads to mental problems, depressions and low sperm count in males. As a current member of MOCAM, Mothers Of Christianity Against Marijuana, I feel marijuana should not be legalized because it leads to harder drugs, will increase the amount of users, and send the children of America a message of death. Do we want our children to die? Of course not therefore we should not legalize marijuana. .
             Marijuana is associated with the "gateway theory". Any person who uses marijuana will eventually move on to bigger and harder drugs. After awhile of steady use, the user does not get the same "buzz" as he may have the first time he used the devils candy. As a result he starts to lace his marijuana with opium, which is unrefined heroine! Marijuana users become heroine addicts. That is why marijuana is illegal. We stop them why they are low on the chain. It doesn't matter we send them to jail for up to a year for simple possession because they"ll become heroine heads if we don't stop them. After the get out of jail, they will not turn to their old ways; they will see the light of Jesus. .
             If America were to legalize marijuana, the amount of users will increase ten fold! People will correlate that since it is legal it is morally OK. Also, citizens that were too scared to try it before will now because of its legal status. This will bring on more crime. People running around high, stealing, murdering, makes me sick to think of a society like that in America. Auto accidents will increase. Nobody gets in accidents on "accident" anymore, it's because they"re drugged up. To legalize marijuana is to allow all of America to get high and watch our country go down the tube. .
             Last but not least, the children! What message would we be sending to the future of America if we were to legalize such a dangerous substance? They would grow up in a world were self expression is ok, and the freedom to do what you want to your body is supported.

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