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Post World War I

            World War I, a war fought to "destroy the axis of evil" and to resolve conflicts between belligerent countries, brought nothing but turmoil and numerous dilemmas to the warring nations; politically and economically. Immediately after the war, many people thought the war had made a safe environment for democracy in all countries. Peace was thought to have been restored among the world. People's views of the world were tainted and many nations began to struggle. .
             In the years following the end of World War I, Americans found themselves in an era, known as the "Roaring Twenties," where the people simply wished to detach themselves from the troubles of Europeans and the rest of the world. During the twenties, the economy was prosperous and most people found better ways to improve their lifestyle and enjoy life, yet not everyone reaped the benefits of this era. The Eighteenth Amendment, or the Prohibition Act, banned the manufacturing, sale of or transportation of liquor, causing breweries and saloons a great demise; however, it reaped profit for bootleggers. This also meant a rise in organized crime. Callous criminals, such as Al Capone, caused an estimated 60 million dollars worth of damage. Although Capone was indeed a criminal, he shared his wealth with charities, and provided the public with goods and services that they wanted. In the 1920's business was an obsession. Economic expansion created booming business profits, which in turn raised the standard of living for most Americans. Large businesses were expanding. Americans were moving into a period of economic prosperity. When the American people saw that the economy was flourishing, they felt that they were on a pedestal, protected from the river of uncertainty, economic depression and the failure of the "American Dream." Many Americans found a way to improve their lifestyle. By 1930, almost thirteen percent of farmers had tractors.

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