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Food Inc. Retorical Analysis

             Robert Kenner is very well known in the film world for his many documentaries most of which are films in search of informing the public of world pressing issues (Geroge). Not falling far behind from his other brilliant films, Food Inc., has a clear objective to raise awareness. In Food, Inc. we don't tell people what they should eat. We wanted people to see and to know what they are eating. said Robert Kenner in a live chat with the audience from the film. The objective from beginning to end is to inform the every day consumer what he/she is actually eating and how it is grown and made. Kenner attempts to inform the audience of all this by exploiting the American food industry and the practices of their large factories. Kenner uses many real life examples of those whom have been affected directly by these huge food corporations to relate to the audience. These argument methods include logos, pathos and ethos each adding a significant importance to the message trying to be conveyed to the audience. .
             Not only does this films narration tug at viewers emotions but the pictures and visuals do as well. Eric Schlosser, the narrator of the film and also an investigative journalist (Greenwood), uses tones and a diction that automatically makes the viewer feel what side of the argument the film is on. When showing off the big hills and greenery, the vibe is happy and the colors are bright, but once the film starts to talk about the factories the colors turn dark and the music becomes low in tone creating a sense of fright. Also, at the beginning of the documentary the narrator makes a point in saying that You go into the supermarket and you see pictures of farmers, the picket fence and the green grass. He says this to a make a point in that these large companies are trying to keep the consumers from knowing the scary reality of large factories full of metal machinery releasing mass amounts of polluting smoke in the air.

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