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Food Processing

            There are many foods in today's world but how many of those foods are actually healthy or safe for us to consume. I have a habit of just eating whatever I want but I have learned a lot from these past few weeks that may change the way I eat. I have never really had concerns about how my food was made I just worried about having food. After watching the film Food Inc. I have started to see what I should be concerned about in the food industry. My concerns have been built up and there are a couple of things that I really have started to think about now. My newly built concerns are how the chickens and cows are being treated poorly, how the sanitation of the food is not good, how fruit is sometimes ripened by chemicals, how corn is in almost all of our food, and how fast food is extremely unhealthy. .
             I have never worried about the food I eat. Normally in a typical week in school I have salad, hotdogs, chipotle, turkey, tacos, and Tyson chicken. It scares me that all of these things that I eat can harm me because of the ways they are processed. I have never thought of the way my food is processed I just thought it was a sanitary industry. The film Food Inc told me otherwise. In the film they show how chickens and cows are treated before processing and they actually call it growing the animals instead of raising them. I find this to be very bothersome because animals are still living creatures and they should be treated like they are too. Try thinking of what it would be like if you were the one being treated like that it's the same concept. They end up having a full sized chicken in about five weeks rather than the normal time it takes to raise a chicken. The chickens become so weak that they cannot even walk more than three steps before they just collapse and fall over. Now on the cows way of living they are also raised in a very fast way but they are also not fed what they should be. Cows are animals that are supposed to eat grass but in these mas producing companies they feed them corn which makes them grow much faster than they should.

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