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            Genetically modified food has been criticized because there simply not enough details are provided to consumers for them to know the hard facts on the safety of the product. But as of right now the question on whether or not GM foods are safe can not fully be answered, simply because not enough long term research has been done on the issue, and the research that has been done has not been very thorough or over a long period of time. Scientists must figure that with population constantly on the rise, there is no time to stress and worry about the safety of genetically modified food.
             It is no mystery that the world's population is out of control, and is expected to be at more than 8 billion by the year 2030. The need for advancements is much needed before it is too late and the hunger strikes. Even though genetically modified food may be a controversial issue, it could help to alleviate the hunger within the third world countries. But with all the concern surrounding GM food, it must prove itself to be a safe alternative before people fully accept it and widely consume it (National Academy of Sciences, para 1). People might ask why a food needs to be altered in the first place. Foods are modified from their original state to maximize its use. For example, some fruits and vegetables can have their genes altered so they can endure longer shelf life at the supermarket. Also, some soy bean plants are modified so they produce a toxin that is harmful to insects, therefore eliminating the need for pesticides (http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2000/100_bio.html). It almost seems as though the benefits outweigh the cons in this situation. Crops can also be genetically modified to be best resistant. Insects are devastating to crops and with the proper gene manipulation a crop could produce crops that are ill tasting to insects. This is somewhat of a double standard though. People refuse to buy crops that have been exposes to pesticides, and at the same time refuse to buy crops that have been genetically altered.

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