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GM Food: A Mixed Blessing

            Should genetically modified food be banned?.
             GM food can improve the quality and quantity of food so as to tackle the problem of starvation in the third world and meets the needs of the growing global population. Yet, the origin of starvation is the difference of resources distribution. The basic solution is a better way to allocate the food to the poor.
             2. GM food can boost the economy of the third world so that their standard of living can be raised. (e.g. Higher quality food can attract customers. Food that can be kept longer can reduce the loss). However, the transnational corporations always deprive the people. (e.g. Most of the food are poured into European market, the people cant enjoy the result theyve contributed. They have long working hours but receive low pay.). Is it a mixed blessing?.
             3. The technique of genetically engineering enables the food to be virus resistant, drought resistant, pest resistant.As such, the crops would be more durable and look better. Yet, some research prove that this technique brings negative effects.(e.g. Some crops had been engineered to contain a foreign protein suspected of causing allergic reactions.).
             4. Someone may argue that the problem will be solved by building public awareness of GM food and labelling the food that is genetically modified. It's up to the choice of the public whether to buy them. However, the scientists do not exactly know what will happen in the coming years after GM food becomes popular. One report shows that the GM experiments lack statistical power. Will we put the lives of the people at risk?.
             5. GM food is an inevitable result. It is a fact that roughly two thirds of all GM corn products on American store shelves. There is a growing trend that the world becomes more dependant on the GM food and it really helps satisfying the increasing needs for food. To me, it's a moral matter of life and death. Cant the tragedy of mad cow diseases wake us up that we should not ignore the latent danger brought by GM food?.

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