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GM food

             What are the arguments for and against genetically modified (GM)food? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? .
             In recent years, as the technical agriculture is developing rapidly all over the world , the appearance of Genetically modified food is also to add the qualities to crop which the traditional breeding could.and we get a amount of benefits from it. However the genetically modified foods in the marketplace has resulted in a public debate, scientific discussion, and media coverage,which is come with the human health and a variety of ecologogical problems.There are , therefore ,.many arguments both for and against the issue. In my essay,I d like to discuss these effects in turn:.
             The main argument against is that whether GM food is benefit for us or not in generally.
             First of all, the power of genetic modification techniques raises the possibility of human health, environmental, and economic problems.
             At the very beginning ,I think ,we should know what is GM food:"The techniques of modern genetics have made possible the direct manipulation of the genetic makeup of organisms Recombinant DNA technology thus has brought a new precision to the process of crop development". although GM food is the new process of the science ,it also brings some uncertain health effects on our body. One of the potential problems in food is possible allergies caused by GM crops. Each new crop must be taken on a case by case basis, and although so far no allergies have been noted the possibility is there because of the introduction of new proteins into food. For example,when we eat the GM food ,the gene can cross the food to the bacteria which is in our stomachs and it might include something just like antibiotic ,and destroy the gene what have in your body,and cause a disturbed disease. furthermore, scientist do not know how the gene work together toclaim why GM food is no harm to people and animals.

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