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The Dark Knight

            Based on the DC comics character "BATMAN", The Dark Knight is a superhero film directed, co-written and produced by talented English-American director Christopher Nolan. Released world- wide in 2008 by Warner Bros., The Dark Knight is sequel to the film Batman Begins (2005) and second film in Batman Trilogy. Grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide, this film was termed as best films made in 2008. Question remains, was this best comic book superhero film ever made?.
             Being a very hard question to answer, it was engaging and mind gripping experience for audience all around the world. Christopher Nolan took Bruce Wayne character on a whole together a different struggle than his previous film. The struggle from a normal billionaire orphan to a vengeance filled masked vigilante fighting injustice in the crime soaked streets of Gotham, the Batman begins established the rise of this Dark Hero to become the symbol of hope and justice. The Dark Knight starts off with the introduction of a level matched worthy opponent of this caped crusader, a man with an unknown identity called the Joker. Joker creates a mass chaos in the city of Gotham. Terrorizing Jim Gordon's police force, Joker brings the entire crime fraternity to his knees for his disposal, this chaos monster believes in absolute destruction. Another character of two- face is introduced from Harvey Dent, A district attorney fighting against all organized crime in the city.
             Chaos being the main theme of this film, Joker seems to always be one step ahead of every action made to stop him. Batman realizing that his dream of a crimeless city is far from sight, the only ray of hope seems to be the white knight of Gotham, Harvey dent. Only conflict between Harvey dent and Bruce Wayne is that Rachel, Bruce's childhood love is now dating Harvey dent. However as the story progresses, Harvey stakes his life giving in to the demands of the joker, reveals himself as the dark knight.

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