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Terrorism and Enhanced Interrogation

            The terrorism events that occurred on September 11th, 2001 permanently scarred Americans with feelings of fear, anger, and sadness. However as a county America became stronger after 9/11 due to increased nationalism and patriotism, which proved that acts of hatred cannot destroy a country full of love and support. The 9/11 terrorist attack on US soil proved that increased measures of safety needed to be implemented, and high vigilance was important to protect all Americans. Thus a common change people noticed was an increase in airport security measures including removing shoes and loose clothing and a full body x-ray machine that shows if one if concealing drugs, weapons, and bombs. Another change in American safety policies came from the Bush-Cheney administration, who made enhanced interrogation techniques (EITS) allowed when interrogating unlawful enemy combatants (Locopino). The Bush- Cheney administration reasoned that enhanced interrogation techniques were considered safe, legal, and effective and they would be used to obtain information necessary to save lives (Locopino). These techniques included sensory distortion, prolonged isolation, sleep deprivation, and stress positions. Sensory distortion included sensory deprivation, like putting on masks or googles on the detainees or removing anything that could be used to distract, and sensory overload, such as very loud music or extreme temperatures (Soldz). Unfortunately further research proves that Bush-Cheney administration's reasoning for allowing EITS is inaccurate due to the harmful effects and the lack of truthful information fostered from EITS interrogations. Also the change in interrogation techniques on potential terrorists altered the domestic and international perception that America is a nation that respects the rule of law and human rights (Locopino). Overall enhanced interrogation techniques pose massive psychological harm, are ineffective at finding the truth, and dishonor Americans.

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