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Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr

            In the article 'Is Google Making Us Stupid?' Nicholas Carr asserts that the use of internet is making people's minds change, if not go. Indeed, he argues that using the internet for long has rendered him, as well as many others useless in thinking. The reasoning is that one can no longer think as they used to do simply due to the influence of Google on the cognitive functions. The article quotes from various personalities including bloggers and pathologists in a bid to supporting the writer's arguments. It is squarely based on the confessions of the characters in the article who attest to the fact that Google had an adverse effect on their cognitive functions. While such assertions are welcome, they are subject to debate and do not represent the Gospel truth of the matter. The claim that Google makes us dumber is fallacious and utterly untrue. It is only an opinion with no scientific basis.
             The assertion that people are losing memory just because of using Google is not right per se. The only thing that Google is doing to our minds is changing the route from the norm to the technological friendly form. In essence, it is not true that our ability to remember is being improved by using Google. Rather, Google is only changing the way we remember things. Change is inevitable and will continue to be part of us as long as we remain cognitive creatures. .
             Every day, people will discover better ways of doing things that will enhance our livelihoods including the way we think. As thus, the fact that Google is changing how we remember things (Carr, pp 5) is only natural and should not be a cause of worry. The implication of this change is that people remember less of the information but remember where to find the information. What this implies is that people have now turned their memory storages and choose to store the same in other areas. It is the same thing as having a computer hard disc and storing the computer's information in it.

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