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Low Wage Jobs and Higher Education

            Walmart, McDonalds, or a local grocery store bagger; these places hold what are thought to be "dead-end jobs". But for teenagers these jobs are what bring them into this economic based world. Experience is needed in this world, and fast-food chains and grocery stores provide it for young aspiring entrepreneurs. The CEOs all the way down to the managers of these fast food chains perceive the idea that teenagers working for them are unreliable; because the value of a dollar is not well known in the young members of this country anymore. The company then focuses on the older generation believing they will be the employees who help strengthen the company even more so. A sense of fight and desperation almost pulses off of the older generation who works in these "dead-end" work areas. Having said that the possibility of eviction or debt is high with these older employees. Giving managers the impression that the older generation need the job more than the younger generation does. But in some of these situations that is not the case.
             I had worked in a low-wage job at a small food market as a cashier. Being a cashier boosted my confidence as a public speaker, and it was a lot easier for me to approach and meet new people. I was a hard worker, I showed up early, and I helped co-workers finish their shifts if they seemed they were going to be backed up. I did as much as I could to help the small company keep running. But I was still only being payed minimum wage. Which was expected considering its a small business in a somewhat poor area. There were also no benefits involved for being employed at this job. The business was beginning to summit, customers decided to shop at different food markets mainly because the produce quality was being reduced dramatically. This job had helped me with minor expenses with college but, even working full time for two years saving all of my money with no tax deductions I would not be able to enroll at Norwich University or a state school either.

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