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Refugees, Stateless Persons, and Internally Displaced Persons

            "Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity." These words of Pope Francis further solidify the case presented by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. This phenomenon is brought about by continued violence, prosecution and war. This "phenomenon" indeed is a growing concern not just by local governments, but the international community and humanity. These people are in a state of homelessness and experience threat for their lives and completely no assurance at all of tomorrow. They are plagued by conflicts, issues about peace, faith, social class. Therefore calls everyone to act on compassion and work for peace and fraternal brotherhood more than ever before. News about this refugee is all the rage these days. It is ironic that at this day and age where the world has become seamless through new technologies, humanity has seemed to be further apart and war, violence continue to rise at an unprecedented rate. The world can only hope of a peaceful and harmonious state. While we cannot completely eradicate war, and misunderstanding we can work to help and work towards the framework for the protection of these people. People who never wanted to be in this situation but are forced to do it. .
             Many have heard news about the refugees who experienced being sent from one country to another because they did not want to accept these refugees. After fleeting from war, they sailed to another place leaving the comfort of their own home, leaving everything behind in hope of a new life, life free from any threats only to be rejected and left in the sea with continued threat for their lives. Imagine the agony felt by these people. How would you feel if you were in this unfortunate situation? As citizens governed by law, law is the best and the only weapon we can utilize to help and empower these people. Through International Laws, Humanitarian Laws and Human Rights refugees can be assured that they are indeed cared for, they are not completely alone.

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