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My Trip to Jamaica

            In today's generation, it is rather difficult to construct a conversation face to face, as it was in the previous years. Nowadays, everything is done through the use of technology. Feelings aren't truly expressed because you don't hear or get the true meaning of what someone has to say because texting has excelled exceptionally. Families rarely spend quality times together, and if they do each is tucked away in their own form of technology. You've never known or even heard of a family only to communicate by social media, but that is now the case. To get back to the actual bonding and quality time, I suggest that families should take a vacation, taking a break from all forms of social media and the overuse of technology. A simple way to achieve this could be a trip to one of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, Jamaica. As people of the new generation, we should limit our time with technology and try to get back to spending quality time with our families and friends.
             Jamaica is known for its magnificent beauty, its golden beaches, emerald mountains, turquoise seas, cascades, coral reefs, rainforests, and rivers. There is plenty to see, do and eat. Once you are there, you may never want to leave, you don't want to miss out on some of the most amazing tourist attractions the island has to offer, available and appropriate for all ages Making it a spontaneous and amazing family vacation. There are some places that you must visit on your trip to this island, because there is so much to do and see, here's some information on some places you do not want to miss. Like the Dunn's River Falls, known as one of the island's famous attraction, located near Ocho Rios and is known as one of Jamaica's national treasures. .
             Dunn's River Falls, is one of Jamaica's most famous tourist attraction and waterfall. It is a product of Mother Nature and a living, growing phenomenon. It's fame is equivalent to how reggae is known all over the world, and it is equally stimulating.

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