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Firearms and Gun Control

            The topic of gun control has been a hot topic in the past decades, now even more so because too many lives are being lost because of firearms falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the "wrong hands" are not limited to those who have mental problems these days, but there are also instances where law enforcement resort to their last option before exhausting all scenarios. Such senseless killings are grounds for gun control to jump to the forefront of America's many affairs. Just like other issues that split the nation, gun control has many facets to it. .
             On one side of the argument, many Americans believe that the United States should stand by our founding fathers and abide by "the people can keep and bear arms." The other side of the arguments are millions who want to lower the chances of senseless shootings that has plagued establishments such as our schools, movie theaters, shopping malls and other public establishments. Supporters of stricter gun laws might believe that those who want to attain legal ownership of a firearm should go through more rigorous screenings and have more education about the dangers. These screenings and other tests are very important. However, tougher gun control will not, in fact, lower public violence because most people with the intent to harm others do not go through the legal process to obtain guns in the first place. Those who are for stricter gun control laws are infringing on the liberties of those who want to bear arms, complicating the process for those who desire to protect themselves or their family.
             On the surface, any reasonable person would agree that zeroing in on who can get their hands on a gun, accompanied by a well thought out plan would seem to reduce gun-related violence. However, individuals who are pro-gun control fail to think through the eyes of a criminal. Armed with a firearm or not, a criminal is a criminal and they will do whatever it takes to successfully commit a crime.

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