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An Overview of Type 2 Diabetes

             Type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is currently one of the most widespread chronic illnesses in both the developed and the developing nations. The condition afflicts people in all age groups and different lifestyles. The causes of diabetes mellitus vary from one person to another. However, modern lifestyles have been found to be the most common causative factor. Senior individuals are at higher risks of developing diabetes mellitus compared to the young and young persons. About 50 percent of old people aged over 65 years old are suffering from type 2 diabetes worldwide (Camp et al. 2015). Different methods have been developed in various researchers to aid in managing type 2 diabetes mellitus. This research has provided a variety of strategies through which type 2 diabetes mellitus in old persons can be managed effectively.
             Morley (1998) study looked at the various factors that elderly people with type 2 diabetes mellitus must take into closer account besides the other management strategies to ensure compliance and success of the methods used by the different individuals. The study found out that determinants such as age, the body habitus and physical activities that elderly persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus engage in play a critical role in influencing the pathogenesis of hyperglycaemia and thus the success of the management methodologies used. Accordingly, therefore, instances that may lead to depression, impaired cognitive visual and body functions and reduced recognition of thirst may lead to dehydration thus must be avoided by the patients besides other management practices such as basal insulin intake. Finally, the patients must avoid instances of falls, factors that may lead to pressure ulcers, TB, amputations and dietary management to realise better results. Even though these factors all play a combined importance as subsidiary management techniques for type 2 diabetic patients, they must be adopted alongside the clinical management strategies and with the help of specialised therapists.

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