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Why Children Need Stable Families

             The World Health Organization points to the vital role environment plays in social and emotional development, particularly during early childhood, which it describes as the most significant developmental phase of life. (Secor, N/A) This suggests that the emotional development of a child is not something to interfere negatively with as it can impact the child in so many different ways. Moreover, the most important aspects that build a home environment for a child are the parents or caregivers of the child, and the stability of the environment in terms of noise levels, finances, and others. The purpose of this report is to examine the effects that the environment a young child lives in, has on their emotional well- being. The environmental aspects of a child's life can impact their social and emotional development greatly, depending on the safety and stability of where they live. The research for this report will be limited to explaining why the home that children live in has such a great impact on their development, not the country or state they live in.
             2.0 Literature Review .
             2.1 Effects of Environment on a Child's Emotional Development.
             2.1.1 Parental Influence Within Environment.
             "Parenting goes far beyond the requirements for meeting the basic survival needs of the child, and parents have a significant influence on how children turn out, including their personality, emotional development, and behavioral habits, as well as a host of other factors"(Murphy, 2014). "It is important for the overall development of children that parents be present enough to support them, and this support fosters confidence and growth in many areas"(Murphy, 2014). A consistency of loving and responsive care with a lot of positive interaction and attention covers the occasional mistakes that parents make (Secor, N/A). "An environment of affection and attention is a powerful force for healthy child emotional and social development"(Secor, N/A).

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