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Searching for Happiness in Waiting for Godot

            Everyone wants to achieve things in life. Whether it be short-term or long-term, humans tend to strive to fulfill our needs or desires that they have. However, in the process people often lose humility. To obtain happiness in our lives, we cultivate our lives in our own way believing what we have done will lead to happiness in our life. However, some people may not know what they really need to reach happiness, so that they proceed toward meaninglessness or invaluable things. The other may know what they really need, but they just wait until happiness comes to them without any effort to deal with their obstacles that block their happiness. Our world is cruel to both ignorant and passive people. Samuel Beckett depicts the cruelty of the world through his play, "Waiting for Godot" with four main characters, Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo and Lucky, who actually represent our reflection. The two main characters, Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot their entire lives hoping that he will bring them salvation, their ultimate goal. Therefore, the act of their waiting can be our models to find meaning in our lives, and the purpose of their waiting, salvation through Godot, can result in achievement of happiness. There are two main scenes, which describe the above-mentioned two kinds of people and the obstacles that keep off from happiness. .
             How can salvation mean happiness? Without happiness, things in life can be meaningless. Even though we strive to live our lives to its fullest, which often means earning a lot of money, we are not necessarily satisfied. Then, what we have done would be meaningless and we might feel emptiness. To get rid of our senselessness, we need to strive for true happiness. Where does true happiness come from? I strongly insist that real happiness comes from living along with one another, helping each other out, and sharing love. A true relationship comes from loving one another and that is the only way that can make people happy, and essentially resolve the issue of finding the meaning of life.

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