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Business Analysis - Treadway Tire Company

            The purpose of this memo is to indicate the main problem facing Treadway Tire and to provide suggestions to resolve problems related to the company's goals, values, and strategies. Treadway Tire's Lima Plant is now facing a high turnover rate among line foremen, who are over pressured in daily work. They tend to pass on their responsibilities to employees, which causes lower job satisfaction. Based on these issues, I have developed possible solutions and action plans, which include training programs for foremen, hiring standards, employee based management procedures, and reward programs related to performance. .
             The data shows that 23 out of 50 foremen left their positions, which means the company had a foreman turnover rate of over 50% in 2007. The company's main problem here is that they cannot retain dissatisfied foremen and thee foremen in current positions have bad relationships with managers and employees, which creates a terrible working environment. Some specific issues surrounding this problem are as follows:.
             - Too many tasks and responsibilities for foremen .
             - The foremen's duties include both production and employee management. They need to supervise all phases of production, assure quality, and maintain strict safety and health standards. They are also responsible for investigating any violations. Foremen also have to make and check schedules for hourly workers, approve vacation requests, and resolve payroll issues. .
             Lack of Authority and Foremen Isolation .
             The foremen do not have the authority to make rules and discipline decisions. According to Wall, the foremen's comments indicate that a lot of things are out of their control. In addition, the workers frequently call in sick or arrive to work late, which makes them have no chance of achieving the production targets. In addition, the management and unions do not pay attention to the foremen, which makes them powerless.

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