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Callahan Tires Public Relations

             Callahan Tires, one of the leading manufacturers of tires for the tri-state area, has been having a bit of a problem. The smell from the factory has begun to bother some of the local residents. They have filed complaints with the company and Callahan has propositioned us to develop a plan to maintain the long withstanding good relationship with the people of Chicago, Pa. .
             Our research shows that Callahan Tires has a good reputation with the citizens of Chicago, population 125,000. The 100 workers Callahan employs all respect the company. The above average wages and extra benefits help to keep the employees happy. .
             The workers feel safe in the plant, which is a positive aspect. Winning the Sam J. Miller safety award last year helped to increase employee morale. .
             In conducting our research for this public relations campaign, we found a report from the National Safety Commissioner, which listed Callahan Tires as the fourth cleanest tire plant in the nation. We feel it would be a good idea to concentrate on this fact, since it doesn't seem anyone in the past has made this fact public.
             Our first step in the program will be to plant trees and flowers around the industrial park in which the plant is located. The plants should help to clean the air, however small the amount. It will show the townspeople, "We"re trying." We plan to stick with this theme throughout the course of the campaign. We will organize an employee "Planting Day" to take place in two weeks. .
             We understand that many plants can't be planted in the winter, so we have contracted the local nursery to find us proper trees and bulbs that can survive these cold temperatures. Families of employees will be invited to participate, and in return, we will provide a small plaque with the family's name in front of each tree. We feel that the plaques will be a good initiative, and that many employees will participate. .
             Another massive planting will take place in the spring to provide bulbs that will better live in the spring and summer.

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